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New Act of the Month: Nicola Mantalios-Lovett

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Nicola Mantalios-Lovett - Giggle Beats

Nicola Mantalios-Lovett

26 year old Nicola Mantalios-Lovett is our new act of the month for October. Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Mantalios-Lovett reached the final of this year’s So You Think You’re Funny? competition, despite a modest gig count of just 59. Andrew Dipper met her to find out more…

Describe yourself: My act is a mixed bag of props, one liners, silly stories and absurd impressions. I also love a bit of banter and flirt with the audience.

I often slip in to a character on stage; it’s the ‘cheese cake’ burlesque version of me. I try to undermine negative ideas about stuff like racism, sexism and, more specifically, domestic violence by using ridiculous stereotypes. Hopefully they reveal the porosity of the issue. Sometimes this doesn’t work, though, and people just think I’m an idiot that hates Zimbabwe.

How and why did you get in to comedy? When I was little I used to make silly sketch shows with my brother and sister; we’d spend hours doing that kind of thing. But even as an adult I’ve always loved stand-up. For the past few years I’ve been a regular punter at John Smith’s Grinning Idiot nights in Newcastle. I loved being picked on by the acts and asked John for advice on how to become a stand up comic.

When he told me what was involved I decided not to bother; but attending an open-mic night at Long Live Comedy changed my mind. I saw some truly horrendous acts and I thought to myself, ‘That is the very worst it could ever be’ so decided to try it.

Where do you want to be in five years time? Wherever I am, I’ll be being silly whilst wearing fabulous shoes.

One comedian you’d like to gig with: I would be completely star struck to work with Billy Connolly. Having said that, I’d probably spend the first 10 minutes telling him his own jokes and laughing hysterically in his face, before asking him a thought provoking question. I bet he’d like that.

Are you a Tweeter? Yes! @Nicmanlove. (I know…)

Finally, where can we see you next? I’ll be doing a middle spot at the Newcastle Stand from the 3rd-5th November.

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