Giggle Beats

Podcast: Lee Kyle’s 21 Questions – with Barry Twyford

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Lee thought it would be funny to interview Viz co-creator Simon Donald as Barry Twyford.

He then thought it would be funny if auxiliary Donald character Bingo from Benton joined in. Simon then thought it would be funny if his lesser characters popped up too.

So this is a roundtable featuring Lee, Simon (even though we were meant to pretend it wasn’t him), Bingo, Barry, Sir something Michaelwave, Dominic Farquhar, Jeremy Jitler and some other cunts.

Lee has not had time to look up all of the actual names.

It’s a fucking mess. A fucking mess with funny bits.

Giggle Beats Comedy Quiz, feat. Lee Kyle and Nick Cranston, The Stand, Newcastle, 7 September, 7pm, £3.