Lee Kyle

Podcast: Lee Kyle’s 21 Questions – with Mat Reed

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Uptown Girl, you know Mat can’t afford to buy her pearls, but maybe one day if you buy tickets to his show on 6 October, she’ll understand what type of guy he’s been and then he’ll win.

Sorry for the hasty reworking of the schmaltzy Billy Joel hit Uptown Girl there, it was to function as an advert for Mat Reed’s show Gincredible at The Stand Comedy Club in Newcastle on 6 October.

The lyrics fit perfectly but only if Mat is trying to woo a girl from uptown with a gift of pearls.

Anyway, welcome to 21 Questions, Mat Reed is the guest – for the 2nd time! It’s our first sequel, except for Simon Donald but he was meant to be in character, which he was almost 30% of the time.​

Giggle Beats Comedy Quiz, feat. Lee Kyle and Jack Gardner, Sunday 5 October, 7pm, £3. Buy tickets.