Innes McQuillin

Edinburgh Fringe review: Seymour Mace, Niche As F*ck!

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Tired of being unsuccessful, Seymour Mace has re-branded himself as niche. It’s a clever, disarming and engaging opening.

Or second opening to be more accurate, as Seymour felt the sparse audience hadn’t shown sufficient enthusiasm when welcoming him to the stage first time round. So he decided to come on again: cue an over the top welcome and the first of many big laughs nailed.

Tall and slim with thinning hair and specs, there’s an energy and physicality about Seymour even in the rare moments he stands still. Manic, madcap mayhem seems possible from the first moment and he doesn’t disappoint.

Puppet shows, homages to classic Christmas films, cheesy home-made versions of 1980s game shows and miming to even cheesier songs may not sound the ideal entertainment for an adult audience on a lazy Sunday afternoon, but in Seymour’s capable hands it worked and worked beautifully.

It takes a ton of preparation for a show to look as randomly chaotic as this. The result is a funny and silly show that’s terrific fun. The world needs more of Seymour Mace’s adult fun.


Date of live review: 16 August 2015 @ The Stand Comedy Club 2

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