Innes McQuillin

Edinburgh Fringe review: Yianni, Why Did the Chicken Cross the Line?

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The 2015 Edinburgh Fringe programme lists 137 pages of comedy shows.

With Yianni on the last of those tightly packed pages, it’s a moot point whether the audience found his show by luck, judgement or perseverance. What’s more certain is that Yianni delivers an interesting, thought provoking and funny show.

The “line” in the show’s title refers to how society at large decides whether something is funny or not funny, acceptable or unacceptable, even lawful or criminal.

Working with an audience numbering in the low twenties, Yianni quickly and skilfully demonstrates that our perceptions of the “line” differs markedly. Context, it seems, is all important.

Yianni’s style is amiable Aussie and he’s immediately likeable. While his delivery is relatively low key, he contrastingly speaks at such pace it’s occasionally hard to stay with him. That said, the show’s narrative has clearly been put together by a talented word smith.

Watch out particularly for his nice line in slow burners.

While Yianni doesn’t flaunt it, the suspicion is he’s the smartest in the room. His clever logic and observations provide smiles, chuckles and laughs throughout.

It’s worth waiting for his closing routine about giving offence, which earn him his biggest and best laughs.

3 Stars

Date of live review: 13 August 2015 @ The Stand Comedy Club 2

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