Molly Stewart

Review: Red Redmond, BLUE

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Red Redmond’s debut stand-up DVD is a warm, smart and wholly loveable fifty minutes from an amazingly personable comic.

Redmond’s self-produced 2014 Edinburgh show BLUE is a sharp mix of personal and political anecdotes, and the more broad musings of a grinningly awkward stand-up comic.

Throughout the show there are instances of a slow burning set-up, with which Redmond has mixed success – a slow deconstruction of Destiny’s child song, a turning-point in his drug use, a continuing call-centre conceit (the latter two, overall, winning a deserved appreciation); all paired down with his innocent, almost motherly style.

You get the impression Redmond is constantly on the verge of rolling his eyes with mock affection.

Redmond lays out his material with alternating inexhaustible enthusiasm, and utter incredulity towards the world around him –  UKIP’s denial of ‘the existence of Shirley Bassey’, whatever Batavia lettuce is, Beyonce’s arrogance.

The jokes are clear and obviously structured, which when delivered with Redmond’s trademark semi-awkward, semi-primary school after-school club leader becomes almost storytelling.

Immediately, almost before he launches into any tangible material, Red Redmond’s on-stage persona is something that locks an audience down: this is why Redmond makes such a brilliant MC.

He has a habit of following a nicely timed pause with yelling out disbelievingly, something utterly likable and generally – even if it’s not actually the case – something that feels relatable. In particular, his explosive post-car accident response is a very funny, nicely delivered skit.

BLUE, and Redmond’s stand-up more generally, is happily littered with smart punchlines and almost-puns regarding the population of the countryside, and ‘higher’ education.

That he has produced this film of his 2014 stand-up show is testament not only to Redmond’s enthusiasm for sharing live comedy (also running brilliant gigs in Manchester) but also to his faith, and what should be ours, in his own comedy.

Redmond’s show BLUE is available on Gumroad for £8 (which includes both the full length video and a fifteen-track audio recording). For audio only, visit Bandcamp.