Nic Wright

It’s Still Life comes to Manchester

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Manchester’s Taurus bar is to host a new comedy drama this week.

It’s Still Life, a play about truth in art and life and everything in between, centres around Claire, an evening art class teacher with a baby on the way and a seemingly perfect life.

Written by Sean Mason, who previously adapted V For Vendetta and horror novella Humpty’s Bones for Manchester’s independent theatre scene, is the first to be performed at the newly refurbished Taurus Bar on Canal Street, Manchester.

Running for three nights in late May, the play features an almost entirely female cast, with the original idea for the play growing from a desire to write more interesting parts for women.

“It’s still a problem that there aren’t enough roles out there for women and it shouldn’t just be up to female writers to address that, men need to pull their finger out too,” said Mason. “The idea has been knocking around in the back of my mind for years but it only took a five minute chat with our wonderful director to get the ball rolling.”

The play, which takes place partially in a life-drawing class, isn’t entirely without a male presence however; “It’s true there is male nudity in the play, but I feel I should make it known that it is tastefully done, and completely relevant to the piece,” says Director Brainne Edge. “Plus it’s a comedy and what’s more funny…?”

The award winning cast and crew features both regulars and newcomers to Manchester’s independent theatre scene, as well as one very special addition. “We’ve a great cast of six and a half actors. We cast as we wrote, and it transpired that our lead actress is pregnant,” said Mason. “I was stuck on the story and with that announcement suddenly it all fell into place. It lead to some unexpected jokes and drama!”

It’s Still Life opens on 21 May 2015, and stars Carly Tarett, Rob Hudson, Sarah Attwell Turnbull, Siobhán Edge, Michelle Ashton, and Liz Ford.

It’s Still Life, Taurus Bar, Manchester, 21-23 May 2015, 7.30pm. Tickets £5 available from