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EXCLUSIVE: BBC commission six-part series of Jason Cook’s Hebburn sitcom

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The BBC have commissioned sitcom pilot Hebburn for a full series on BBC Two, Giggle Beats can exclusively reveal.

Described as “a warm and affectionate tale of North East family life”, the show, written by comedian Jason Cook, was first presented at the Salford Sitcom Showcase in October 2011 and is the latest local venture for the BBC following the success of comedy talent search Jesting About.

Cook told Giggle Beats: “Obviously I’m over the moon to have my first series commissioned. There is a very particular sense of humour in the Geordies; we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we have a way of handling bad news – maybe because we get a lot of it! – so I’m hoping to show the nation that.

“We’re planning to partially shoot on location in Hebburn itself, which will be quite odd seeing my hometown on the TV. I spent last weekend taking pictures of all the places I grew up, and I’m hoping to use them in the show. So for me, Hebburn’s going to be a bit of a documentary as well as a comedy show.”

Cook also confirmed Vic Reeves will be making an appearance during the series: “Having Jim Moir [Vic Reeves] on board will be a perfect complement to the people we’re already working with.

“We’ve got such a great team working on the show, and I’ll be working with some of my comedy heroes, too; so the pressure is on to not let them, or the people of the North East, down. It’s going to be a riot.”

BBC North chief Peter Salmon added:[The show] is just part of the jigsaw we’re building in the North East.”

Hebburn will be produced by Channel X North and Baby Cow, and is the first sitcom to be made in the North East since The Likely Lads.

  • http://facebook Geraldine Coyne

    Nice one, About time Hebburn finally gets put on the map (we’ve got an asda now…)
    We haven’t had this much excitement since Tim Healy opened Hebburn (S)Hopping Centre.

    • Mick


      You must be a very unhappy person,I feel sorry for you.

  • Sian Scullion

    I can’t wait to see this. I’ve seen Jason on stage a few times now and he’s simply hilarious. This will be a stroke of comedy genius :)

  • Val McGregor

    Is this since Hebburn had play written and performed in the park last year? I knew it would become famous. I hope you are including the school.

  • David wakinshaw

    I’m very much looking forward to this. It’s going to be mad seeing where I
    Grew up on the tv. Good luck Jason.

  • Anthony Trotter

    Stick that up you Jarra !!

    • Graham Hindes

      Hahaha u tell them trotts lad

  • Victoria Porter

    i grew up in hebburn and am not looking forward to this. i hope it shows what a horrible place it is, and the foul, uncouth, close-minded and oppressive people who live there. :(

    • Khris

      Victoria Porter my mam always used to say ‘If you cant say nothing nice, dont say anything at all’!!

      • christine oliver

        Khris, mine did too thats why i hav’nt responded to Victoria.
        But between you and me bet she’s glued to screen when it’s transmitted which will be good for Jason’s ratings. Good luck Jason.

    • Geraldine Coyne

      Victoria I find your comments totally unnecessary!
      I’m sure i’m not the only one prickled by your opinion perhaps you lost your sense of humour when you left NE31.
      Not everyone is like that in Hebburn, there are dick heads all over the country.
      Myself and everyone I know is looking forward to this show and it’s nice to see someone with Hebburn roots doing well.
      Lets hope it’s a true/funny/warm picture of geordie life not like Geordie shore!!

    • Neil

      Victoria Porter it would appear that you are a bit of a hypocrite, if your narrow mind can understand what that means? You are undermining your own point with your stupid, ill informed comments. Hebburn isn’t great but it’s better for not having you there clearly. Well shot of people with nothing positive to say. Good news for a local lad, as some one has already said, if you’ve nothing good say to say keep your misguided opinions to yourself.

    • Helen Bell

      Sorry Victoria the people you speak of left us Hebburners in peace.
      I wonder when you’ll come back yourself? People normally do no matter what they say.

    • Nicole

      This is a little narrow-minded. I lived in Hebburn for years and, yes, there are some ‘foul’ people – as you so kindly put it. But there are also decent, hard-working families!

    • Rob

      I find your comment extremely offensive, as I have a good friend who is from Hebburn, her name is Lozza G. Please do not disrespect her or she will knock you out

  • Joy Andre

    Great stuff Jason, can’t wait to see the series. Will bring back many memories of our childhood in Hebburn. Good luck x

  • Ralph Porter

    Congratulations in order J. I hope you get to to shoot a lot of it in Hebburn as there is an opertunity to promote indirectly some very worthy local businesses, amongst other things. I dont know how much creative control you have on the project but I hope its not going to be all studio set – Hebburn streets cut scenes (think Cheers). There are a few local people who could be of use to you for both sides of the camera that I have met from creative industries and local businesses (obviously not just music) that I could introduce to you if you are interested. This is not my area of expertise and there would be little in it for me to do this, but what could be good for your show could be good for the area and ultimately the people in the area that you grew up in. Fell free to contact me if you wish, but good luck and congrats again anyway.
    Best regards,

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  • Louise Wilkinson

    Great news for our little town, my family has lived in the town for many years

  • duncan phillips

    well done jason but dont forget us down at the arc down in stockton

  • David ‘Paullypops’ Paully.

    Well darlingsss. There had better be a part for Hebburns No.1 socialite or believe me windows shall be shattered.

    Do not ignore Paully the man of the people

  • Natalie Sullivan

    Wow, a programme about Hebburn. Mint! I’ve just informed my husband and asked him “do you know this lad, he’s the same age as you?” to which he replied yes, he used to live on our street. “Remember about 10 years ago when we were walking along the road one night and there was a lad hanging out of his first floor bedroom window, chucking up into the garden below? That was Jason Cook!”

    Ha Ha, I do remember that. With that in mind, I’m sure he won’t forget his Hebburn roots. Very excited to see this series.

    And Victoria Porter, please tell me you’re having a laugh. Hebburn may not be the best place to live in the world but I find your description of the people of Hebburn offensive. I hope you’re joking

  • Chloe-Louise Mullen

    well exicited about this, Hebburn is my area and I really proud of the place. This victoria lass needs to pipe down but never mind hope it puts us on the map. This is the most exciting thing since wire in blood did a scene at the garage near josies school x

  • Emma

    Well said Neil ;-)

  • Carl Earle

    Fantastic news, not only for Hebburn but for the north in general. I’ve seen Jason perform his stand up and if the sitcom is a reflection of his comedic talent we are in for a treat. Great to see a local lad doing his town proud. Nice one Jason!

    • Jason Cook

      You’re not the same Carl Earle I went to Newtown with by any chance?

  • Debra Bowman

    Fantastic News for Hebburn. I moved away for 6 years down South, but was soo glad to move back to good old Hebburn. The Geordie folk are so warm, friendly n as we say Canny. Looking forward to the series.

  • BobRoberts

    Sounds like this will be little more than a poor man’s League Of Gentlemen. Parochial, tedious and of little relevance to anyone who doesn’t live in the North East.

  • Jason Cook

    That’s exactly what we’re going for.
    Want to jump on board with the writing?
    Maybe help us with the ‘tedious’?

    • Natalie Sullivan

      Jason, would you like to confirm or deny the puking out of the window story (above) on st John’s Ave? I don’t know you from Adam but I do remember that! And on reflection it was probably about 15 years ago

      • Jason Cook

        More than likely, was it along St Johns Avenue?

    • Dave Reed

      Nice one Jason, and an excellent reply there! I’LL jump on board with the writing any day! (And I live in Hebburn!)

  • steve

    If your wantin comedy and you dont even need a script. the elmfield social club is the place. shameless doesnt even have characters like it. hope the show goes well will be good to see hebburn up there.

  • steve

    Anyway bob u could of said that about shameless or other programs. theyve all done well around the country so why not this. theres plenty of characters here. for instance i know a lad that reckons he can make a snooker que out of a branch off a tree by only usin a potato peeler to do it. and another bloke who comes up with crazy ideas of makin money etc

  • Joél Burns nee Coyne

    You could write about you and Jaime going to see Tiswas or the time we all went to see Clash of the Titans! Happy days & good luck.

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  • Mick


    You must be a very sad person,I feel terribly sorry for you.


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  • bearbear

    Dear god – could there ever be a worse premise for a tv show!

  • Kelly Davis

    Really looking forward to this series as we did our apprenticeship at Hebburn at Reyrolles and actually wrote a song called Reyrolle Days
    Maybe you would like to use it in the series?

  • John Barker

    ‘Hebburn’ has been billed as a northern Gavin and Stacey. I moved down south from Hebburn when I was 23 in 1989 and have lived in Brentwood in Essex for the majority of it. Brentwood’s neighbouring town is Billericay (G&S). Brentwood is also the setting for TOWIE, which isn’t exactly one of my favourite programmes, but at least it shows scenes in the local area which I hope will happen in Hebburn.
    I used to live in Grosvener cresc, Argyle st flats, Clyde ave, Glen st and went to Hebburn comp and ran for Jarrow & Hebburn ac. Some of it was grim (Argyle st flats) but treasured memories

  • John Barker

    Just saw a 2 minute trailer for Hebburn. Wasn’t impressed. Might watch it with the sound turned down, just for the street scenes. It’s been likened to classics like Gavin & Stacey and the Royle Family. I hope I’m wrong, but not getting the right vibes.