We know what you’re thinking: Giggle Beats is so bloomin’ good that we can’t possibly get any better. Well, you’re wrong. In order to make this work, we need your opinions, your stories and a bit of your time.

If you feel like we’re talking rubbish, or maybe just not saying enough, then get in touch. You can contribute to the discussion in our Opinion section.

Be it a damning critique of amateur promoters or a shameless defence of Citizen Khan, we want to hear about it. (We suspect this line will be out of date very soon.)

So, what are the guidelines?


Firstly, it needs to be good. We’re looking for articles that are articulate, well argued and a little bit sexy. Read a few of our features, get a feel for our house style and try to replicate it. Examples of what we consider to be decent Opinion articles can be found here and here.

The word count.

We’re always asked about word counts, but it’s really not that important. Ideally we’d like at least 500 words, but just see where your argument takes you; if it’s good then we won’t be counting the characters.

What not to write.

We’re not interested in rants, personal attacks, or half-formed ideas; save those for the message boards! We also don’t accept reviews (unless we can vouch for the writer personally…)

How to submit articles.

Email us. You can submit your work using the Giggle Beats contact form or – ideally – you’ll drop your lovely article in our editor’s inbox (not a euphemism) nicely formatted and ready to be published.

That’s the basics, anyway. Any further questions just email us at: [email protected]. Nice one.