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Edinburgh Fringe review: Tony Law, Frillemorphesis

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How to review an overwhelmingly strange and surreal show that starts with an apparently mistimed entrance and grinds to a halt rather than ends? A show Tony Law would have us believe he hasn’t written yet.

Let’s look at the evidence.  Attracting a three figure audience to a lunchtime show at the Fringe takes some doing. Law did so comfortably. It was also clear from the warmth of his reception that the audience includes many returnees.

Aided by a few props, his booming Canadian accent occasionally slipping into a range of British stereotypes, he commanded the room with an impressive physicality.

Material? It’s certainly tempting to think that Frillemorphesis is created entirely on the hoof. It sounds for all the world like a bunch of random thoughts spewed out without association or explanation.

Logic suggests otherwise and Law removes any lingering doubt by periodically letting you inside his head for a glimpse of his inner workings.

His running commentary – what’s new, what’s old, what worked, what didn’t work – and reading off strategically placed prompts becomes part of the conceit of the show. As recurring themes, they also provided safe havens for Law to return to and launch his next flight of fancy.

There were good laughs to be had throughout, but a sense too that we never quite got to the big laughs that Law habitually harvests during his summer stint at the Fringe.

What was, however, a particular pleasure was watching him nail laughs from the unpromising corners he backs himself into. Indeed, just watching Tony Law work is an education. Anyone who’s serious about comedy should go see him.

3 Stars

Date of live review: 25 August 2015 @ The Stand Comedy Club 3

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