Nic Wright

BBC Three gets more Witless

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BBC Three has commissioned a second series of Witless, the Kerry Howard and Zoe Boyle­fronted comedy, from Objective Fiction.

Witless follows Leanne (Kerry Howard, Him & Her, and forthcoming Young Hyacinth) and Rhona (Zoe Boyle, Downton Abbey, Sons Of Anarchy), two ordinary flatmates whose lives are thrown into disarray after being forced into witness protection.

Written by Lloyd Woolf and Joe Tucker, the first series saw unwitting Leanne and uptight Rhona given new identities and left to fend for themselves in a grubby flat in Swindon.

As if being in ‘wit­pro’ wasn’t hard enough, the girls were then faced with two teenage underlings sent by a criminal gang to track them down.

Series two kicks off with the witless wonders facing their biggest scrape yet: with their ‘safe house’ no longer so safe, and unable to trust the police, Leanne and Rhona are on the run, again.

Kerry Howard says: “I’m beyond thrilled to get the chance to play the wonderfully playful puppy that is Leanne again. It’s such a pleasure to be working with everyone on this show ­ it has been a dream job and Zoe Boyle is a joy to work with.

“I cannot wait to read the scripts to see what Rhona and Leanne have to deal with this time ­ who knows what our mastermind writers Lloyd and Joe will come up with for this next series! They have absolutely nailed the art of a cliff­hanger. Let the drama and comedy roll on.”

Damian Kavanagh, Controller of BBC Three, says: “We love Witless at BBC Three, and can’t wait to see what Leanne and Rhona get up to. BBC Three is home to the best new British comedy.”