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New Act of the Month: Danny Sutcliffe

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Danny Sutcliffe | Giggle Beats

Danny Sutcliffe

Danny Sutcliffe has performed many times across the UK. He can’t remember how many gigs he has done, but it’s more than 7 and less than a million. He’s only been knocked unconscious once. That was his best gig. Danny’s first was 3 years ago at the Manchester Comedy Store in front of friends and family as part of a comedy course run by Ashley Boroda and Seymour Mace. He didn’t gig for nearly a year after that – a slow starter, then. Eager to find out more about Danny, Andrew Dipper sat down for a chat with May’s New Act of the Month…

AD: How and why did you get into comedy?

DS: I was forced at gunpoint by Ken Dodd to do it. He’s a fucking lunatic. It’s not an act with him.

Just a joke that.

I’d always enjoyed making my mates laugh, and wanted to see if I could do it to a room full of strangers. Then I went out to watch some stand up comedy and some of it was brilliant, but some of it was just…awful. Really bad! So I thought I’d have a go. It’s going alright so far. The best thing about doing stand up, for me, is the mixture of people involved in comedy you get to meet. I’ve made some really good friends through doing it. A lot of them are horrible drunks, but good people.

AD: Where do you want to be in five years’ time?

DS: Hopefully I’ll have passed my plumbing course, be able to give up this sham of a comedy career and just be the best plumber that I can be. You’ve got to have a back up plan in this game. If you need any plumbing doing just let me know.

I also hope that by then I’ll have appeared in my local paper: ‘The Tameside Advertiser’. When I won Rock Radio’s ‘One Night Stand Up’ competition last year, they rang me and said they might be doing an article about it. I was made up. I rang my mum and everything. 3 weeks later they still hadn’t ran the story, so I had to ring them and ask when I was going to be in the paper. I felt like Les Dennis in ‘Extras’.

A week later they ran a different story with an article and a picture of the very handsome stand up comedian Brennan Reece.

So I went round to his house and put his front windows through.

AD: If you could gig with one comedian who would it be?

DS: Can I have 2? Cheers. Sean Lock or Louis C.K. Saying that, I’d love to gig with any comedian who needs any plumbing doing. If your boiler has recently packed in, I’ll give you a cracking price on a new one. I’ll install it and take your old one away as well.

AD: Are you a tweeter?

DS: No. People keep telling me I should get on it. I had a look on it once and found out that there was already a Danny Sutcliffe on there. I just tell everyone to add him instead. He’s probably a lot funnier than me.

AD: Where can we see you next?

DS: Outside the other Danny Sutcliffe’s house, screaming that he’s impersonating me on Twitter.

Apart from that I’ll be at The Laughing Gnome comedy night at ACWM Club on 19th May, Electrik Bar, Chorlton, on 23rd May and The Laugh Inn Chester 24th May. I’ll also be on in the comedy tent at this year’s Blissfields Festival.

Danny presents his radio show ‘Wednesday Biscuits’ on every Wednesday from 11pm. He told us to tell you that. And something about plumbing…