Andrew Dipper

New Act Of The Month: Jack Gleadow

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Jack Gleadow is a stand-up comedian from Hull who recently won the Hilarity Bites New Act Of The Year competition. He’s also our New Act of the Month, the lucky bugger. We caught up with Jack to talk about stand-up, his comedy heroes, the Hull comedy circuit and more.

AD: Hi Jack. How did you get into comedy? What made you first want to get on stage?

JG: I’ve always loved comedy since I was a kid – always been intrigued by more old school comedy like Morecambe and Wise. When I was 10 I started performing magic and more or less straight away this became comedy magic, so for about five years I went around the UK doing magic being lucky enough to win all the major junior magic competitions along the way.

But as much as I enjoyed the magic, the comedy part was something that I enjoyed more; that laugh you get is infectious. It took me three years before I had to guts to go solo without the tricks!

AD: What’s been your highlight so far?

JG: It’s all a highlight, really. Obviously you get the bad gigs but that’s going to happen, and ultimately most of the time its all good and lovely. There is some cracking supportive people on the comedy scene.

AD: And low point?

JG: The travelling and organising of gigs takes a bit of time, but its all worth it at the end of the day. Oh, and then there is the small task of doing the writing. Bad gigs can knock you back but you just have to learn to carry on and learn from mistakes and try to improve.

AD: Who would you say you’re most like on stage?

JG: I don’t know, really. I try and be myself but suppose my influences can be clear from the performances.

AD: Who are your comedy heroes then?

JG: I have three; Frank Skinner, Lee Evans and Lee Mack. Three very different styles but all extremely funny. I’ve been lucky enough to meet them all; they say never meet your heroes but they were all gentlemen.

AD: You’ve won two new act competitions now – Hilarity Bites’ New Act of the Year and Hull Comedian of the Year. How much value do you place on awards?

JG: Now that’s a tough question. It’s lovely to win awards – it really is. It helps you up the ladder a bit and helps you make contacts, but ultimately if you don’t win any it doesn’t really harm your career in any way. I’ve won them but lost in others, it just depends on the night, at the end of the day it’s just a gig which can have a nice outcome at the end. All in all, something else to add to the CV.

AD: You’re quite active within the Hull comedy circuit – how would you say that’s developed in the time you’ve been involved in comedy?

JG: I’ve been quite lucky with the Hull scene; it kind of started evolving when I started – I teamed up with some fellow local comedians including Hull legend Jed Salisbury and Steve Rimmer. Gary Jennison also promotes comedy in the local area and runs some lovely gigs.

AD: Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

JG: I hope to see myself making a living from stand-up and being able to gig more regularly. A lot of people get into stand-up because they want to be rich and famous – I just want to be able to gig and travel the world.

AD: Are you on Twitter?

JG: I am! I don’t tweet much but if you’re keen follow @JackGlead.

AD: Finally, where can we see you next?

JG: A town near you if you book me. I run a new monthly night in Hull. Next one is Thursday 9 October. Search ‘Comedy Mash’ on Facebook for the details.