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New Act of the Month: Jonathan Pelham

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Jonathan Pelham is a new act from Bradford, with between 50-70 gigs under his belt. He lives in Newcastle-Upon Tyne. His friend once described his material as socio-political, groundbreaking, self-deprecating nonsense. (He really came up with that description himself, but it seems less vain if he says someone else did, doesn’t it?) Keen to learn more about Jonathan, Andrew Dipper sat down for a chat with June’s New Act of the Month…

AD: How and why did you get into comedy?

JP: I always wanted to but I had no idea how. Then, when walking around Freshers’ Fair on my first week of university, I was accosted by a guy from the Newcastle Comedy Society and after talking to him for a bit I signed up.

My first time doing comedy was an audition-like thing underground at the Students’ Union in front of about seven people, all of whom were acts. No-one laughed and in the constructive criticism stage someone said they thought my set was a bit racist. I should stress my set is definitely in no way at all racist. I remember leaving thinking, “Well that was poo, but it least it can’t get any worse!”

It turns out it can.

However, sometimes it goes well, and then you have a temporary feeling of happiness/superiority.

AD: If you could gig with one comedian who would it be?

JP: Bill Bailey. He is just blooming marvellous.

AD: Where do you want to be in five years’ time?

JP: Well I am about to graduate from Newcastle University with a 2:1 in Politics and Sociology so any sort of employment would be nice, albeit somewhat unrealistic. (Ed: Hint, hint…)

Comedy wise I really have no idea. Obviously I would love to progress, and if I could ever scrape a living out of it then that would be amazing. I remember the first time I got actual money for comedy thinking, “Pooing hell, people are willing to pay me to do this crap.”

That was a good moment.

AD: Are you a Tweeter?

JP: No. I got an account but have never used it. Enough of my life is colonised by Facebook as it is. My friend @smethy is though. He would want me to say that.

AD: Finally, where can we see you next?

JP: Performing as part of the Newcastle University Comedy Society Showcase everyday during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 8.45 – 9.45pm at Buffs Club 3-27th August. Details here.

Hint, hint…

  • Rob Glen

    I was part of the “so you think you’re funny” competition last night and I was greeted at the door by my friend Andy who said “jonny pelham is on” i replied “I’m stuffed” Jonny went on and did a cracking set as normal and left all of us to follow. I didn’t die on stage but after Jonny’s preformance I went round telling people “I am just happy to take part” and “it’s all about the experience” Jonny is a fantastic stand up and one to watch for the future!