Andrew Dipper

New Act of the Month: Marc Smethurst

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Last month Marc Smethurst was named Tyne and Wear New Act of the Year 2012 – so it’s only right that he’s our New Act of the Month for January too. Andrew Dipper caught up with Smethurst after the big win for a quick chat about his comedy – or as he likes to put it, “some stories with an unnatural amount of call-backs that don’t quite make chronological sense most of the time.”

AD: Hi Marc. How and why did you get into comedy?

MS: It’s a bit of a boring reason, actually, but in the year book at the end of sixth form I got voted “Most likely to become a stand-up comedian.” I ended up having a year out after – not to be cool like these ruffians do nowadays, I was just too thick to get into uni the first time around – so I just decided to give it a go. It turned out that I quite enjoyed it, so I kept going. At my second gig I also met Tony Jameson, who took me under his whimsy wing when I came up to Newcastle – so it’s mainly his fault. What a gimp.

AD: Describe your first gig for us then…

MS: It was lovely actually, still one of my favourite gigs I’ve ever done. I took part in the Comedy Trust Funny Business course before it, which was run by Sam Avery, and that really helped. It was at Rawhide Comedy Club in Liverpool, about 100 in; I threw up just before I went on stage. It was cracking stuff really. Been downhill ever since…

AD: If you could gig with one comedian who would it be?

MS: Well since I’ve already gigged with Nick Cranston, I can pretty much die a happy man. Other than that, it would probably have to be Louis C.K.

AD: Where do you want to be in five years’ time?

MS: I’m actually studying Dentistry at Newcastle University so hopefully I’ll be a fully qualified dentist by then. And if I’m still enjoying doing comedy then that would really be rather nice as well!

AD: Are you a Tweeter?

MS: I am indeed, it’s @Smethy.

AD: Finally, where can we see you next?

MS: Probably outside Brewdog in Newcastle shouting at a bin. Other than that, I’m at The Beehive in Edinburgh next weekend.

Here’s a clip of Smethurst in action: