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Viz creator Donald calls Fuckwits to The Stand.

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Simon Donald | Giggle Beats

Simon Donald

Comedian Simon Donald has been given a monthly residency at the Newcastle Stand.

The Viz co-creator, who began stand-up in 2005, will host Fuckwits, possibly the world’s most clueless gameshow, “where comedians and audience members join forces to find, fashion or fabricate answers to incomplete puzzles and questions.”

Speaking to Giggle Beats, Donald said: “The show came about through my old mate from Viz, Alex Collier, pissing around with his Facebook account.

“He started to put blank crossword puzzles online and asked his friends to fill them in without any kind of clues. Everybody just twatted about and it ended up being hilarious, and also quite challenging. That shambolic idea is at the heart of this show, with some variations in the rounds.”

Donald’s residency, which begins on Monday 23rd April, is the latest local project from The Stand following a series of charity benefit shows at the High Bridge venue.

Donald added: “The format for Fuckwits isn’t set in stone yet, but there’ll be at least on comedian and one audience member on each team. I’m the host and I’m dyslexic – crosswords are like Kryptonite to me, so that’s a disaster to start with, hopefully a funny one.

“Refunds are not avaiable.”

More information on Fuckwits, including ticket details, can be found on The Stand’s website.

Watch Simon Donald in action as ‘Barry Twyford’ here: