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North East sitcom Hebburn to air in October.

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BBC2 series Hebburn will debut at 10pm on Thursday 18th October, creator Jason Cook has revealed.

Filming for the North East sitcom concluded earlier this year, with a week’s filming on location in Hebburn and four weeks in their Salford studio.

And while it was rumoured the show would not air until early 2013, Cook has announced Hebburn will make its TV debut this autumn.

“We got some exciting news, as we had thought it was going to go out in January – but we’ve just found out it has been provisionally scheduled for 18th October, so we’re especially excited about that,” Cook told the Evening Chronicle.

He has also revealed that a number of TV stars will make cameo appearances in the series, including ‘Allo ‘Allo’s Arthur Bostrom.

“We’ve had some great cameos from some proper legends. It was amazing having Arthur Bostrom on set. There was also Kathryn Hunt from Coronation Street. Add that to Vic Reeves and Gina McKee and it’s just incredible.

“When we cast the show it was a case of how cheeky can we be but we ended up getting all these great people involved.”

The six-part series, which also stars North East comedians Chris Ramsey and Steffen Peddie, tells the story of the Pearson family and their son Jack (played by Ramsey).

After secretly marrying Jewish girl Clare (Fresh Meat’s Kimberley Nixon), Jack reluctantly introduces her to his parents, Tony (Reeves) and Pauline (McKee). The show takes off from there…

Cook added: “We had the same size crew you would get for a movie because the budget was quite big. There are some amazing shots down by the river on the docks.

“I just hope people like it. It shows the good and bad of the Geordie people. It’s a proper rollercoaster, but everyone who has seen it so far, like friends and family, have loved it.”

The show, which debuted at the Salford Sitcom Showcase last year, was commissioned by Steve Coogan’s production company Baby Cow and Channel X North.