Andrew Dipper

Bill Bailey confirms 2015 tour

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Bill Bailey has announced a 50-date tour of the UK for 2015.

The Black Books star will tour his new show, Limboland, from Friday 9 October, with dates in Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester, Hull, Scarborough, Preston, Newcastle and more. The tour closes on Wednesday 9 December at the Hammersmith Apollo.

Speaking about Limboland, Bailey said: “I suppose it’s a bit about getting older. This transition from one stage in your life to another. It’s also about responding to global chaos, with a lot of countries in flux and with the old orders changing. And there’s also a personal element.

“It’s just that sort of transitional phase for me as I recently turned 50. It’s a big number for me! It’s quite a personal show in many ways.

“I don’t normally tend to involve my own life or my own family or things that have happened previously – but it’s all come up very organically in this show.”

Tickets for the show, priced £25, are on sale now.