Nic Wright

Club offers ‘Trump Special’ for Muslim comedy fans

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A New York comedy club is to offer free entry to Muslim comedy fans in response to Donald Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims entering the US.

The Experiment Comedy Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn has announced its “Donald Trump Special”, in which Muslim customers can gain free entry by facing Mecca and reciting The Fatiha, the first chapter of the Quran.

The club’s owner and stand-up comic Mo Fathelbab stated anyone able to complete the task would get to “laugh your Muslim-ass off for free, all night long”.

Fathelbab told Reuters: “I’m a Muslim-American and I’m tired of the rampant Islamophobia overtaking the campaign.

“Until Muslim Mel Brooks appears on the scene to comically knock down Trump with our version of The Producers, this is the next best thing.”