Nic Wright

Comedy podcast The ParaPod rises from the grave

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Paranormal comedy podcast The ParaPod returns tomorrow for a new series.

The podcast, which saw comedians Ray Peacock and Barry Dodds discuss famous cases of supposed hauntings.

The new series, entitled The ParaPod: Mysteries debuts on iTunes on Wednesday 10 February for a run of ten episodes beginning with an in-depth look at The Loch Ness Monster.

The inaugural series, in which skeptic Peacock and believer Dodds debated the legitimacy of occurrences such as The Enfield Haunting, spirit-calling rituals and ghost-hunting methodology, debuted at number two in the iTunes Podcast chart.

The series culminated in a two-part Christmas special recorded over a night at 30 East Drive in Pontefract, considered by many to be the home of Britain’s most potent and violent poltergeist.

In the second series the duo will look at a series of well-known mysterious happenings, such as Bigfoot, The Mary Celeste and Dodds himself. There will also be features about urban legends, as well as the return of the Rituals section from the first series.

Peacock said:“After the success of the first series it was a concern that I may be exploiting Barry, but when many listeners donated to this ongoing project I decided that it didn’t matter. He surpasses his previous wide-eyed gullibility within ten minutes of the first episode, and continues to spiral in the wrong direction for the rest of it.

“I thought we were making great progress at the end of series one as he did seem to be looking at things differently, and questioning ludicrous tales rather than just believing them, but over the Christmas break it would seem all that progress has slid out of his ear. He’s been notably worse since watching the Derren Brown special too, so it may not be all his own fault.”