Andrew Dipper

Comics come together to form the UK Comedy Guild

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The union promises to "vigorously promote good practice across the whole industry."

Comedians and promoters across the UK have come together to form the UK Comedy Guild.

UKCG is the first organization in the history of the industry specifically dedicated to protecting the rights of people working in UK Comedy.

With 400 members and growing, representing every level of the business, the guild will provide a strong and unified voice for fair pay and working conditions, offering advice and backing to those facing harassment and exploitation. It will also vigorously promote good practice across the whole industry, having established a Comedian’s Chapter within Equity.

Sara Pascoe, one of the founders of the Guild, said: “Being a comic is a wonderful job, but it also leaves people vulnerable and solitary. For too long there’s been no recourse for individuals who have been mistreated.

“Now, working alongside Equity, we hope to change this, using positivity and communication and best practice guidelines.”

She added: “Thanks to our network we can now directly teach comedians and promoters how our industry should work, what the best practice and rules are, how to protect comedians from discrimination and harassment and to ensure they are properly paid where agreed and appropriate.”

From Thursday 11 June 2015, day-to-day operations of UKCG will be run by a central council, made up of 29 volunteer members.

The first UKCG council will comprise of Matthew Baylis, Bobby Carroll, Ben Norris, Jarred Christmas, Matt Green, Dan Edge, Susan Murray, Jojo Sutherland, Silky, Javier Jarquin, Ross McGrane, Cerys Nelmes, Sheraz Yousaf, Brian Higgins, Trish Caller, Kahn Johnson, Paddy Lennox, PierretteS’Cobaz, Doug Segal, Danny Worthington, Alexis Dubus, John Scott, Pam Ford, Dominic Frisby, John Ryan, Julian Deane, Paul Adams, Justin Moorhouse and James Sherwood.

Leeds-based comedian Silky said: “What we’ve done is to recruit a team of volunteers who will be the first point of contact for people with any issue they want to raise – comedy first responders if you will!

“The group will be able to call upon the resources of our members to provide solutions, mediate problems or in cases where specialist or legal support is needed, signpost people to where help is available.”

Members can be contacted via Facebook or Twitter, or by emailing [email protected]. For more details, see