Nic Wright

Crowdfunding bid for dark Bar Mitzvah comedy

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A filmmaker is raising money for a short film about North London’s Jewish community.

Jonathan Schey’s The Entertainer is set entirely at a Bat Mitzvah party, and follows a once-successful children’s TV presenter resigned to a life of children’s parties now his showbiz life has departed.

The Kickstarter campaign includes a comedy video pitch about the film itself, which Schey said controversially explores “the bizarre and often hilarious world of North London Jews.”

Onnit Films, the production company behind the film, having launched a campaign to raise the budget required to shoot the film. The campaign is now live, and will run throughout Hanukkah until 30th December.

The campaign offers a range of Jewish themed perks, from an invite to a Friday Night Dinner to professional wedding videos and a DJ at your own party. Contributors also have the opportunity to become part of the cast and even co-produce the film. The campaign is already gaining traction, with over 60% of the total being raised in 3 days.

Schey said: “I haven’t seen a film that properly depicts a Bat Mitzvah in all its awkward glory. I’m determined to do just that. I want the audience to listen to the embarrassing speeches, be part of the bizarre dancing, and witness all the messy snogging.

“For me, the way into this world is through a stranger. Most of these parties have an entertainer. An MC who parades around with a microphone – red faced and pissed on free wine. Our story follows one of these entertainers, and how he fits into this peculiar world.”

The film will be produced with support from Alcove Entertainment, the company behind Richard Ayoade’s The Double.

Schey is an award winning filmmaker who grew up in North London. He has been working as an assistant on films including Starred Up, What We Did On Our Holiday, The Falling and the up coming In Sand And Blood. He has also made a series of award-winning short films that have toured international film festivals and garnered a host of awards.

Visit the project’s Kickstarter page here.