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Dapper Laughs is back

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Controversial comedian returns in new sketch released on Christmas Day.

Dapper Laughs has returned in a new online sketch – despite being ‘killed off’ by creator Daniel O’Reilly just over a month ago.

The ‘character’ appears in a new video posted to O’Reilly’s 300,000 Twitter followers on Christmas Day. The sketch sees Dapper Laughs flirting with angels in heaven before being summoned back to Earth by the voice of God to face O’Reilly and discuss his Newsnight appearance.

The voice of God tells him: “You must go back down to earth. You are needed down there.”

Back on Earth, Dapper encounters O’Reilly, a broken man in the wake of his Newsnight interview. O’Reilly asks: “What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be dead? I killed you off.”

Dapper responds: “What killed me off was you coming on Newsnight, cockblocking yourself wearing that turtleneck and looking like a French poet.”

The video ends with the message: “Dapper’s back.”

Dapper Laughs’ ITV2 show, On The Pull, was not renewed for a second series after over 60,000 people signed a petition urging executives to axe the controversial programme. The petition came after a video of O’Reilly telling an audience member she was “gagging for a rape” was released online.

O’Reilly’s stand-up tour was also pulled, prompting the comedian to appear on Newsnight to officially retire the character.

“It was a type of comedy that I should not have been doing… It was a shame that it went so far”, he said, before adding “Dapper Laughs is gone.”

Watch the new sketch below:

  • BigBernard

    What a talentless cunt he is.