Andrew Dipper

Dom Joly fronts new humour website

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A cross between Have I Got News For You and Twitter.

Dom Joly is fronting a new humour website which will bring together 1000 of the UK’s funniest people for a sideways look at the stories making the news.

Launching in spring 2015, Runaview has been described as ‘Have I Got News For You meets Twitter’ and also ‘some sort of organised pisstake.’

Each day, 15-20 headlines relating to that day’s news will be posted on the site and ‘The Runaview 1000’ will post views, comments and witticisms relating to those headlines.

In terms of how often each contributors use the site and how much effort they need to put in, it’ll be no different to Twitter – the main differences are that there’s a longer word limit, an exclusive community (in terms of who can post), and everyone starts with 10,000s of followers- the Runaview audience – which, if all goes to plan, will grow to millions of followers before long.

By 2016, ‘Runaview’ aims to be one of the most visited websites in the UK, a hive of witty and satirical debate and an invaluable resource for all comedy programmers.

So, if you want to be part of the Runaview 1000, email [email protected] for more info.