Nic Wright

Gordon the Gopher returns

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Kids’ TV favourite Gordon the Gopher has made a comeback, as part of the BBC’s new showcasing project.

Voiced by Warwick Davis, the short film sees the legendary puppet return to the screen, fresh out of rehab, and bitter over the success of former co-host Philip Schofield.

Written and directed by Manchester partnership Ryan McDermott and Adam Brown (Comedy Central’s Staff Room) and produced in-house by BBC Comedy North’s Stefan Arif (Funz and Gamez) and BBC Comedy North’s Rebecca Papworth (Citizen Khan).

The film made its debut on BBC Taster, the BBC’s new home of ideas. Taster is a place for the BBC to try new ways of telling stories, develop new talent, and put new technology through its paces. It also allows the BBC to showcase a range of editorial and technology projects that may have previously remained behind closed doors.

Ryan McDermott said: “As kids of the 80’s, Gordon was the first thing we both ever loved.”

“Even back then you could tell he was frustrated and had a lot to say, so we sought the permission of Paul Smith, the original puppeteer and Mr. Schofield himself, and made it our mission to bring Gordon back.”

Adam Brown added: “Thankfully the team at BBC Comedy North thought it was a good idea and helped us develop this taster.”

The Taster, if received well, aims to be the beginning of Gordon’s story with further episodes already outlined and the writers aim to reunite Gordon and Philip so they can finally settle their differences.

Gordon is available to stream here now.