Andrew Dipper

Hebburn returns for fundraiser

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As fans of the BBC sitcom find out what Winnie did!

Axed BBC Two sitcom Hebburn made a brief return at a charity show on Tyneside tonight.

Stars of the North East series, including Hebburn creator Jason Cook, Chris Ramsey and Steffen Peddie, featured in two playful sketches about the show’s demise to raise funds for The Customs House theatre in South Shields.

And Pat Dunn, who played Nana in the series, finally tied up one of the sitcom’s loose ends, as fans found out exactly what Winnie did.

In the sketch, Nana told the audience that her and Winnie were best friends until she met her future husband and started spending less time with Winnie. Winnie and Nana’s husband were then photographed by the local press as the first ‘couple’ to go through the Tyne Tunnel.

Lola Saunders, Alfie Joey and hometown hero Sarah Millican also made appearances at the fundraising gala, before Ramsey brought the show to a close with a stand-up set.

The Customs House Director Ray Spencer said: “It’s wonderful nationally established stars like Jason, Chris and Sarah give their time so generously to help secure the future of a local asset which serves their community.

“We really appreciate the support we are receiving to help us move forward and continue our work in the community and to help generate the stars of tomorrow.”