Jay Richardson

Katie Mulgrew to host ITV Valentine’s Day show

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Katie Mulgrew and Kojo are hosting a new ITV show about sex, dating and relationships.

In Love Fix, the comedians deliver stand-up and dispense advice on intimate issues with their co-hosts, Made In Chelsea’s Ollie Locke and YouTube vlogger Hannah Witton.

In the “straight-talking” pilot episode, which airs on ITV2 tonight, the panel debate splitting a bill on a first date, safer Tinder and Grindr hook-ups and better anal sex technique.

Mulgrew also performs a routine about dressing up in the bedroom, while Kojo reflects on one-night stands.

Producer David Howarth told Giggle Beats that while the show’s agenda was dictated by extensive research, “we never want to be worthy, we just want to offer practical advice. For instance, we found out that anal sex is the fastest growing type of sex out there, so people need to be informed. All of the [presenters] have life experience and bring something different to the table.

“This programme is helping people, we’re not laughing at them in any way. We’re hoping that because there’s nothing else like it out there, people will tune in. The channel want it to be a one-stop shop for all sorts of relationship problems”.

Directed by Celebrity Juice and Never Mind The Buzzcocks’ Ollie Bartlett, the hour-long pilot is made by Yalli Productions and was recorded last week at the Hospital Club studio in London.

Love Fix is one of Mulgrew’s first television appearances. Howarth praised her as fulfilling the role of an “older, wiser sister.

“She’s very funny, very relatable. She listens to people and understands their point of view. Her stand-up is universal.”

Kojo he added, “brings energy.

“He’s very good at making a situation light, making a joke out of it but exploring it further. What I like about his stand-up is his taking something that we’ve all had, playing it out, then add a nice little twist at the end where you believe it’s really happened to him.”

Howarth explained that if the pilot is picked up for series, there will be a sustained engagement with viewers on social media.

“All of the advice that we give on the programme will be on our Facebook page with links on Twitter.”