Nic Wright

Men With Ven want YOU to touch your balls

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Musical comedy troupe Men With Ven are taking on the theoretically unfunny subject of testicular cancer in their new song in an effort to raise awareness of the disease.

Taking a brief break from writing songs about Jason Statham, the Depford trio have released an in depth medical tutorial detailing the precise course of action that should be undertaken if one has a suspicion relating to prostate cancer.

Public service announcement meets Kraftwerk meets white van men in a pub, Check Your Prostate was conceived at The Spotted Dog in Barking, after Men With Ven decided to raise awareness for prostate cancer, and set about spreading the message through the medium of song.

“Of course the way to check for an enlarged prostate is pretty humorous in a smutty, childish way so obviously that appeals to us,” explains David Barratt. “Some may think that it is totally inappropriate to have a laugh and a joke about something so serious, but we think that even if one life is saved by this song it would be worth it”.

Check out the video here – remember to wash your hands.

CHECK YOUR PROSTATE – MEN WITH VEN (Featuring PapaDee) from MEN WITH VEN on Vimeo.