Andrew Dipper

Miranda Hart records pilot of new Generation Game

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The comedian will record a "modern hybrid” of the hit Saturday night show this week.

Miranda Hart is recording a new BBC One entertainment show pilot believed to be modelled on The Generation Game.

The Radio Times reports that Hart will record a “modern hybrid” of the hit Saturday night show, which aired between 1971 and 2002, on Friday 12 December. The pilot will not be broadcast.

A BBC source said: “The point of the pilot is to see how it works in a studio. It is a modern show which at the moment has elements of The Generation Game but isn’t that show. It is a modern reinvention of it and it is still in development so it could all change.”

The new show is being made by independent producers King Bert Productions, a company set up by Hart and David Walliams.

Earlier this year, Hart had poured cold water over rumours she was to host a Generation Game-inspired show when she tweeted: “Apparently it’s 100 per cent cert I am doing Gen Game. First I’ve heard of it. Mulling some ideas about it might be more accurate.”

She added: “It’s nice to see you’r (sic) thoughts re Gen Game but to reiterate let’s ‘shut that door’ on it for now. It’s one of a few private brainstorms.”

A BBC spokeswoman said: “Miranda is recording this non-broadcast entertainment show for BBC One. It is still work in progress and as yet is untitled, we are still in development with the idea.”