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New Comic Strip film ordered by C4

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Comic Strip

Iconic comedy group the Comic Strip have revealed that they are to return to the screens in a new C4 special.

The new film, titled The Hunt For Tony Blair, will be one hour long and has been described as a “50s style ‘fugitive’ film noir spoof”. Tony Blair, played by Comic Strip newcomer Stephen Mangan, will be seen wanted for mass murder, on the run and trying to clear his name.

Shane Allen, Head of Comedy at C4 said: “We race through Blair’s past as he’s the wronged man (in his own head) on the run for mass murder. (There are) so many juicy parts for the big comedy hitters of the comic strip team alongside some newer C4 comedy talents,” He added, “It promises to be a very daring and utterly irreverent romp.”

The 60 minute film is penned by original Comic Strip scribes Peter Richardson and Pete Richens and will feature most of the group’s founding members, including Rik Mayall as Professor Predictor, Robbie Coltrane as Inspector Hutton, Nigel Planer as Peter Mandleson, Harry Enfield as Alistair Campbell and Jennifer Saunders as an unstable Margaret Thatcher. Joining them will be new additions to the team including John Sessions, The Inbetweeners star, James Buckley and Ross Noble, playing an Old Labour tramp.

Speaking about the show, C4’s Chief Creative Officer, Jay Hunt added: “Comic Strip defined comedy for a generation and it’s a real coup to have the team back tackling one of the most controversial subjects of our time in a way that only they can.”