Nic Wright

Parking tickets are murder in new podcast comedy

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A new podcast comedy drama about traffic wardens is to launch this month.

Revolution, Murder and Traffic Wardens is the latest production from the multi-award winning Wireless Theatre Company, whose collaborators have included Bill Bailey, Stephen Fry and Jo Brand.

Written by Haydn Jones, a consultant and comedy writer, Revolution, Murder and Traffic Wardens was born from Jones’ frustration at receiving a salvo of parking tickets and his subsequent thoughts of insurgency and revenge. Haydn’s anti-hero, Mike Crilly, quickly finds that others harbour similar thoughts and the whole venture, inevitably, goes off-road and deliciously out-of-hand.

Wireless Theatre Company is a multi-award winning (British Public Radio Awards, Radio Production Awards) audio theatre company producing original radio drama across a variety of genres. The company creates a platform for up and coming writing and acting talent and interesting new ways of producing audio theatre.

Now with over 150 original dramas under their belt, Wireless Theatre Company release two new dramas a month. The company also performs several live recordings for theatres nationwide, as well as producing original content for Audible UK and BBC Radio 4.

Revolution, Murder and Traffic Wardens follows the story of Mike Crilly, and his mission to get even. With a somewhat reluctant and incompetent posse of insurgents in tow, Mike is determined to make his presence felt on the parking enforcement scene, but someone else has the local traffic wardens in their sights too. As factions collide, and the bodies pile up, the support group, Warden Welfare, provides a safe haven for the distressed parking attendants within the borough. Meanwhile, Mike’s ‘revolution’ turns into a fight for his own survival.

Jones said: “There are only three things which are certain in life; death, taxes and parking tickets.

“Revolution, Murder and Traffic Wardens came to me instinctively after I suffered a salvo of tickets. Determined to do something about it, I set to, obsessed with the idea of revolution.”

The podcast will be available from Wednesday 24 February from the Wireless Theatre Company website.