Andrew Dipper

Revolution duo record ‘half-hour satirical comedy’

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The team behind The Revolution Will Be Televised are returning with a new half-hour satirical comedy special for BBC Three.

Revolution Presents: Democracy Dealers paints a fly-on-the-wall portrait of some terrifyingly inept Members of Parliament.

With a raft of their political gaffes previously featured on The Revolution Will Be Televised, Heydon Prowse and Jolyon Rubinstein bring back Conservative MP James Twottington-Burbage and Liberal Democrat MP Barnaby Plankton following their recent appointment as Ministers for Youth.

Along the way they bump into Labour MP Ewan Jeffries, prospective UKIP candidate Dennis Pound and have a surprise encounter with a representative of the Green Party.

Rubinstein said: “We are getting deeper into the lives of a number of very different political creatures. Tory James Twottingon-Burbage and Lib Dem Barnaby Plankton, one a silver-spooned Eton idiot, the other a half-baked liberal without a backbone who just wants to please. This is the evolution of the characters we’ve met over the past three series of Revolution and it’s utterly ridiculous. But there’s more!

“Look out for the Milibands’ cretinous cousin Ewan Jeffries who’s about as genuine as Ed Miliband is good at eating bacon sandwiches. We’ve been waiting to have a chance to explore these preposterous characters and you can expect a combination of utter stupidity, ludicrousness and even some very real full-frontal nudity. Parental advisory. Explicit content.”

Prowse added: “It was definitely a very bad idea for The Coalition to appoint Tory James Twottington-Burbage and Lib Dem Barnaby Plankton to the position of Ministers for Youth.

“In this mock doc, our characters alienate as many young people as politically possible in the space of half an hour by smuggling struggling immigrants into the UK and launching a massive #SCREWYOUTH campaign.

“We’re excited for people to see not only the new stunts we have pulled off, but to take these characters into a more narrative-based satire.”