Nic Wright

Shirley Ghostman to make live debut

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Psychic medium Shirley Ghostman will be appearing live for the first time this October.

The creation of character comic Marc Wootton, Ghostman’s BBC Three series High Spirits with Shirley Ghostman aired in 2005, before being axed following a controversial appearance on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

He later made an appearance in Wootton’s new show La La Land in 2010.

Along with his canine spirit guide, Sheba, Ghostman has been passing on messages from dead famous friends and normal deads for years, and will be performing at two dates in Manchester and London later this year.

Audiences will get the chance to enter the mysterious world of Shirley Ghostman at Manchester Monastery on Friday 23 October, and London St. James Piccadilly on Halloween, Saturday 31 October.

Ghostman said: “I’m well excited about my live Spooktacular – on ice! Because of the special powers what I’ve got, I already know it’ll be a huge critical success and everybody end’s up loving it.

“But don’t take my word for it, Lady Di what died has made amends with all the shi**y journalists what killed her and they’ve given it 6 star reviews across the board on spirit side. Not bad is it? Get your tickets now, just in case anything nasty happens to you. Or your family.”

Tickets available online now.

Warning: the first two rows may fall in the ectoplasm splash zone.