Nic Wright

Stade and Sloss get their M.U.F.F. out

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A host of comedians, including Tom Stade and Daniel Sloss, are to stage a fundraising gig in Newcastle this Sunday.

Wayne Mazadza and Jojo Sutherland will also appear at the gig at The Stand on Sunday 7 December, the proceeds from which will go into producing a new internet-based sitcom.

A six-part series created by Daniel Sloss, Tom Stade, Charlie Parker and Joe McTernan, M.U.F.F. is touted as a “comedian led, community sourced, bullshit free sitcom”.

The show will centre around a powerful production company, corrupted by ego, and the creative, psychotic minds that run it. Stade, Parker, Mazazda, McTernan and Sutherland star as the company’s unhinged board of directors , while Sloss will appear as an intern tasked with bringing them into line.

The show already has an Indie Go Go page, where fans can contribute towards production and partake in a “very unfair reward scheme”, in which perks such as private screenings, merchandise and Sloss’s pubic hair are up for grabs. Anyone who donates or leaves their email at live shows will receive all six episodes of the sitcom via download.

Currently sitting at 17% of their £25,000 goal, M.U.F.F.’s Indie Go Go campaign ends on 28 December, with plans for a 2015 online release.

The makers are keen to stress that M.U.F.F. is being made for fun, rather than profit, with fans encouraged to do “whatever they damn well please” with the episodes they helped pay for; even going as far as to encourage selling them on or screening them for profit.

“The reason we are crowd sourcing this project is so that we can make the most pure and original series that has not been diluted or changed by any big executives or marketing managers. Some of the best humour in the world is that of honesty. Broadcasts rarely contain real comedy without it being tampered,” the producers say.

Tickets for the fundraiser are £10, and are available from The Stand or online. (18+ only)