Andrew Dipper

Tim Healy to appear in series two of Hebburn

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Auf Wiedersehen, Pet star Tim Healy will make a cameo appearance in the series two opener of Hebburn.

The North East sitcom, which stars Vic Reeves, Gina McKee, Chris Ramsey and Kimberley Nixon, returns to BBC2 at 10pm on Tuesday night.

And Healy, who has appeared alongside Reeves before in Catterick, will show up in series two opener ‘Welcome Home’ as Stuart, the owner of a local glue factory.

Hebburn creator Jason Cook said the Geordie actor’s appearance in the show was “a great cameo” from a “propa legend.”

Healy joins a number of comedians set to appear in the second series of Hebburn, with Toby Hadoke, Alfie Joey, Seymour Mace and Terry Joyce all popping up in the next six episodes.

“We were all delighted with the response to the first series, and really hope people like what we’ve done with the new series,” Cook said.

“This time around we don’t have to spend time introducing the characters and setting the scene, meaning we had the opportunity to focus solely on their stories and how they are all connected.

“Each character has a part to play, and as the series goes on you will see how they develop. I’m really pleased with it and hope the people of Hebburn are too.

“It is about them and for them, and is my love letter to my hometown.”

Fellow Auf Wiedersehen, Pet actor Melanie Hill, who appeared alongside Tim Healy at the recent fan convention in Newcastle, will also make her first appearance in ‘Welcome Home’ as the new landlady at Swayze’s.

Hebburn returns to BBC2 at 10pm on Tuesday 12 November.