Andrew Dipper

Vic and Bob planning live comedy tour

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Vic and Bob are planning a live comedy tour.

In an interview with Time Out magazine to promote the new series of their sitcom House of Fools, Mortimer said: “We’ll probably do a tour this year. I think we’ll dip our feet in the water, and see if people are still interested.

“If we wanted to do a show where we’ve got desks and Greg Mitchell Labradors and Judge Nutmeg Chariots and all that stuff, it’s expensive. So we’re wondering whether people might like to just see us two – we dunno!”

He added: “It’d be nice to do House of Fools in the West End.”

Speaking about House of Fools, which returns to BBC Two on Monday, Mortimer said: “We try to make it a bit theatrical – we come out and sing to camera.

“I’m not sure we get it right, but it’s our way of trying to make it feel like you’re having the same experience at home as the studio audience.”

The full interview – in which the comedians also talk about the future of Shooting Stars, shooting House of Fools and more – can be read on the Time Out website.