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Podcast: Lee Kyle’s 21 Questions – with Michael Marshall

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Sorry about the podcast (21 Questions, you know, this one) being late everyone, Lee was moving house to near a beach and then the internet was unideal. You see his problem.

Today’s guest does bloody all sorts; he is easily in the top 25 percentile of cleverness out of all of the guests that we have had on it. It’s Michael Marshall. Here are some of the things he does:

Sometimes he writes about science and scepticism for The Guardian; he writes the BadPR blog about how the news is oft bollocks; he appears on the excellent podcasts Skeptics with a K, InKredulous and Be Reasonable. And well, loads of other stuff.

So Lee talked shit at him and asked him what his favourite colour of lime is. Listen, you bastards.

Giggle Beats Comedy Quiz, feat. Lee Kyle and Nick Cranston, The Stand, Newcastle, 7 September, 7pm, £3.