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Podcast: Lee Kyle’s 21 Questions – with Joe Rooney

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Joe Rooney is this week’s guest on 21 Questions, and he is the first guest we’ve had that has one of them blue ticks on Twitter which proves he is definitely who he says he is.

It makes me a bit worried that the other guests were just Lee putting on voices. (Not really, that would be absurd.)

This episode veers between topics as diverse as the troubles, pubes, teen suicides and bats behind cupboards. Oh, and Lee forgot one of the questions so there is only 20 this week. What of it? Like you’re perfect…

Here is a clip of Joe being frigging hilarious in Father Ted.

Lee Kyle is appearing at Giggle Beats’ final comedy quiz of the year at The Hancock pub, Newcastle, on Monday 2 December. Entry is £2. Click for more information