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Podcast: Lee Kyle’s 21 Questions – with Lewis ‘The Dragon’ Chambers

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First non-comedian guest on this week’s 21 Questions, as former professional wrestler and CHAMPION OF THE NORTHEAST no less, Lewis ‘The Dragon’ Chambers is on it.

He’s funny too. He tells a story about his dad’s pet monkey. It wears shoes. If that isn’t enough to entice you then you just aren’t my sort of person. He also burns his bridges with wrestling.

Lewis used to wrestle as Lewis ‘The Dragon’ Beardsley because Lee chose his name. His character was that he was the nephew of Newcastle striker Peter Beardsley. It is not a character with much depth so he changed his name as soon as he could.

Lewis (his real name is called Lewis Howse, wrestling is pretend you see) is now involved with the In Motion podcast where he talks about films in a pretentious way.