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Podcast: Lee Kyle’s 21 Questions – with Natalie Wicks

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Feminist comedienne Natalie Wicks (yes, that was done ironically – even a child could tell) is one of them musical ones, and is this week’s guest on the 21 Questions podcast.

Lee was going to ask her what her favourite things to with music are but he didn’t. If he did though, the list would have been as follows:

  1. Semi-breves.
  2. Saying ‘TUNE!’ at a 90s club.
  3. When you have a tune in your head, then you haven’t, then you have again.
  4. Silver Sun.
  5. The theme from Bread, especially when they put money in that hen.
  6. That bit in ‘Pump up the Jam’ that I like. (This is a reference to Episode 2, unless I edited it out).
  7. The Black and White Minstrels.
  8. Jordi, the French singing baby.
  9. When Lenny Henry was that one who was a singer.
  10. Ukeleles.

If you ask her and she denies any of this, she is a lying prick. Enjoy the podcast!

Lee Kyle is appearing at Giggle Beats’ final comedy quiz of the year at The Hancock pub, Newcastle, on Monday 2 December. Entry is £2. Click for more information.