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Podcast: Lee Kyle’s 21 Questions – with Nicola Mantalios-Lovett

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Like an old lady who has stood up too quickly, we are having another one of our episodes.

This week, Nicola Mantalios-Lovett is on it. I know, three names eh? Greedy cow. Hang on, is one of those names foreign? Eeeh, what is the world coming to?

Nicola is a right minx and Lee likes her episode so much he isn’t even bothered that she got to the final of So You Think You’re Funny? in 2011 while he only got to the semis. The best ones only get to the semis anyway. There is probably some sexual innuendo in that if you look hard enough. As there probably is in the phrase ‘hard enough’.

This podcast almost certainly has Grease 2 covered.

Lee Kyle is supporting Gavin Webster at the Mill Volvo Tyne Theatre, Newcastle, on Friday 4 October. Tickets are £14. Click for tickets.