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Podcast: Lee Kyle’s 21 Questions – with Peacock and Gamble

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Ray Peacock and Edward Craig Gamble are this week’s guests on Lee Kyle’s 21 Questions.

“Hang on, you bloody shithead, Ed’s middle name isn’t Craig to the best of my knowledge. If it is, which I doubt, it certainly isn’t part of his stage name, this is a bloody affront”, I wrongly imagine you shouting.

Well, it’s all explained in this episode so I don’t know why you are being so jumpy about it. That’s the problem with people today, they are way too quick to assume that you are just adding middle names to people with no rhyme or reason.

To be honest, I wish you hadn’t sidetracked this intro with the complaint, I bet you feel stupid now.

Peacock and Gamble bring Heart-Throbs to Whitby Coliseum on Saturday 15 March 2014 and The Darlington Forum on Sunday 16 March 2014. Click for more information.