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Podcast: Lee Kyle’s 21 Questions – with Si Buglass

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You would think, wouldn’t you, that at the Edinburgh Fringe, Lee Kyle would have the pick of all of the best comics to interview on this week’s 21 Questions podcast.

However, due to them all telling him they were busy, as well as it being difficult to find a quiet room anywhere in the city, he is instead interviewing the bloke that lives in his flat.

Luckily that bloke is Si Buglass, who is funny at comedy as well as being a bloody ridiculous human who is dead good in this, leading us through the minefield of figure skating and the feud with Simon Munnery that only exists in his head.

Lee Kyle, Si Buglass and Jonathan Pelham are Pretty On The Inside, especially at The Stand 4, Edinburgh, every day, at 12pm. Click for tickets.