Lee Kyle

Podcast: 24 Minutes Of Funny Team #1

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Hello – I’m Lee Kyle out of Funny Team. You might remember my other podcast, 21 Questions. It was good wasn’t it? I might do some again one day.

Anyway, this is our new podcast, 24 Minutes Of Funny Team. It is exactly 24 minutes long and is unedited for reasons of PRESS FREEDOM (and laziness). It’s me and Sammy Dobson doing it this week, but Mat Reed and Nicola Mantalios-Lovett will be doing on other weeks, just depending who is free, really. We are joyously haphazard.

Catherine won’t be on it cos she isn’t in Funny Team anymore. There’s a scoop for you.

Idiots + Gunge = Laughing, feat. Lee Kyle and Sammy Dobson, The Stand Comedy Club, Newcastle, Saturday 17 January, 2pm, £3. Buy tickets.