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Podcast: Lee Kyle’s 21 Questions – with John Scott

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Lee is very sorry that there has been no podcast for two weeks. What it is, right, is that he has been busy but he accepts that it isn’t good enough and that he is a twat…

John Scott is on this one. It wasn’t until afterwards that Lee realised that they are both hosts of podcasts on Giggle Beats so it doesn’t get mentioned at all in the show.

Pity, really – they could have pretended to have been bitter rivals and so on.

Instead, though, they did a fucking brilliant podcast that only pricks wouldn’t like. Lee is typing this at 2am and is too tired to be lucid.

Lee Kyle’s 21 Questions podcast is now on iTunes! You can find individual episodes by searching ‘21 Questions’, or you can receive our complete podcast archive – which also includes John Scott’s Sod The Tories – by subscribing to the Giggle Beats Comedy channel.