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The Silly Billies Podcast #1

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A new strange and uncanny comedy trip from the Order of the Silly Billies, written and performed by Jack Gardner, Sam Megahy and Andrew Metcalf.

The Order of the Silly Billies present episode one of The Silly Billies Podcast.

We bring you the Blakeian visions of Jack Whitehall’s post British Comedy Awards cocaine bender, visions of lost Nando’s loyalty cards, memoirs of hip hop pioneers Runs DMT and lonely pub quizzes in Blyth. Join us for sun, sea, ISIS and Uncles. Lots of Uncles.

Come on in and listen; you will never be the same again.

Silly Billies is live at the Live Theatre in Newcastle on Sunday 25 October with Ideal star Ben Crompton. Buy tickets.