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Durham Gala Theatre Comedy Listings

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Durham Gala Theatre | Giggle Beats

Durham Gala Theatre

The Gala Theatre is County Durham’s premier importer of comedy, managing to boast both big name touring shows and two regular comedy clubs. There really isn’t a better place to find comedy in the area, and they host nights that rival any of their Tyneside and Teesside counterparts. The Gala is also home to the only night in the North East ran by the world famous Comedy Store, who own clubs worldwide and are most notable for their Manchester and London clubs. Here are the Gala’s comedy listings.

Tuesday 25th January – Russell Kane: Smokescreens & Castles
Saturday 29th January – Punt & Dennis: They Should Get Out More

Thursday 10th February – Andy Parsons: Gruntled
Sunday 13th February – The Comedy Store
Friday 18th February – Funny Bones Comedy Club
Wednesday 23rd February – Milton Jones: Lion Whisperer

Tuesday 1st March – John Shuttleworth Live 2011
Sunday 6th March – The Comedy Store
Sunday 13th March – Mark Steel Live
Tuesday 15th March – Arthur Smith Exposed
Friday 18th March – Funny Bones Comedy Club
Sunday 20th March – Count Arthur Strong’s Command Performance

Sunday 3rd April – Simon Evans
Friday 15th April – Ha Ha Holmes: The Beast Of The Blistervilles
Sunday 10th April – Richard Herring: Christ on a Bike
Saturday 16th April – Scott Capurro 2011 Tour
Thursday 21st April – Mark Thomas
Saturday 23rd April – Busting Out
Saturday 23rd April – Funny Bones Comedy Club

Sunday 1st May – The Comedy Store
Friday 6th May – Daniel Kitson: The Interminable Suicide Of Gregory Church
Friday 20th May – Greg Davies: Firing Cheeseballs At A Dog

Tickets and more information can be found on the Gala’s website here.