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DVD Review: Lee Mack – Going Out Live

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Lee Mack | Giggle Beats

Lee Mack

It’s clear to see that Lee Mack was conscious that this particular appearance was being filmed for his DVD. After numerous statements of, ‘This is for the DVD’ and his new suit and bright yellow boots which he’d bought especially for Going Out Live, it was obvious he wanted to stand out and be remembered. He certainly was.

Opening the show by putting two young boys into a box, I thought I was watching a magician’s DVD not stand up – but his gag about not wanting children at his show got him back on track.

Throughout Going Out Live at the Hammersmith Apollo Lee takes you through a variety of subject matter, from his thoughts on Subway (the sandwich shop, not to be confused with the underground) to French food, biscuits and a bit of cockney rhyming slang – well, he was in London. But not all the jokes are aimed at the Southern audience; he also makes remarks on Geordies, and in particular Cheryl Cole.

Moving on from Cheryl Cole impressions and a very good Bruce Forsyth imitation he decides to talk about playing the porn star name game, which I’m sure most people are familiar with as it is an overused topic in comedy. Lee then spoke about a famous one night stand of his, which was so unbelievable it was obviously not true – but hey, he’s a comedian, he’s suppose to make people laugh at any cost.

Just a quick note incase you do want to watch it with a child: Lee does warn you that the show will contain bad language (which it certainly does), but not to the extent of a comic like Billy Connolly. Along with the 70 minutes of stand up, the DVD bonus features include a 25 minute documentary entitled ‘On Tour With Lee Mack’ and a clip of his warm up act Simon Evans.

This DVD might be more for the die hard Lee Mack fans, but that’s not to say it wasn’t funny – it’s just the TV version ‘Going  Out’ is perhaps where he really shines.

Lee Mack: Going Out Live is available to buy from 22nd November, just in time for Christmas.