Innes McQuillin

Edinburgh Fringe review: Ian Fox Presents The Unsearchables

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Whatever your taste in comedy, you’ll find it on the Fringe. Even gentle comedy, which isn’t the height of fashion, is represented, notably by Ian Fox.

Ian’s show is a mix of stand up, quiz and audience participation. Making good use of the two large screens on either side of the room, he flashed a series of incongruous photos and explained what’s going on. While laugh out loud moments are at a premium, it had a certain entertainment value.

Guest comedian Spring Day, an American based in Japan, did a short solo spot, and scored heavily on laughs, before she joined Ian for another round of the quiz. Sassy, smart and snappy, Spring is a funny lady and provided a good contrast to Ian’s more laid back delivery.

A Where’s Wally quiz round featured photos of Ian’s fellow comedian Seymour Mace in Manchester city centre. With Wally becoming increasingly harder to spot, it provided a welcome opportunity for the audience to get involved.

Not a show for everyone, but it proved there’s still a place for gentle comedy on the Fringe.

Date of live review: 23 August 2014, Laughing Horse @ Espionage

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