Innes McQuillin

Edinburgh Fringe review: Kerry Godliman, Face Time

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It’s perhaps understandable that the audience demographic largely reflected the performer. Female/age 40 + or – 5. But here’s a funny thing. Not only would women in other age groups find Kerry Godliman hilarious, even men would get the joke.

With her background as an actor, Kerry has an excellent stage presence and she worked the small, intimate room well, making eye contact throughout.

While there’s nothing novel in the areas she covered, including relationships, parenting, shopping and technology, it’s Kerry’s individual take on life that makes the difference: sharp, pacey and devastatingly funny. Observational comedy at its best.

Each story is set up well, there are plenty of laughs along the way and there’s a big pay-off laugh at the end. As one story leads seamlessly to the next, the laughs build and build.

It all sounds so obvious and simple, but it takes a clever comic mind and a skilled performer to pull it off.


Date of live review: 14 August 2014 @ The Stand Comedy Club.

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